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Shanghai the first wisdom hotel digital room was put into operation

Date: 2014-10-21

The wisdom of science and technology into the hotel E era.Shengyang science and technology of Chinese wisdom hotel association recently held in Shanghai jia hui ramada hotel Shanghai wisdom ceremony of the hotel.At the same time, jia hui hotel ramada hotel - wisdom digital room officially cut the ribbon.
According to introducing, as the first in Shanghai was awarded the wisdom of high star-rated hotel, Shanghai jia hui ramada hotel with shenzhen shengyang sunlight hotel wisdom of science and technology platform, the hotel's original room service and order a meal, laundry service, such as digital, at the same time through a wifi was applied to hotel integrating marketing resources, and to participate in the hotel online promotions, the festival brings incremental revenue for the hotel.
"Wisdom in the sunlight hotel system platform online 3 months time, the hotel room service obtained greatly enhance the efficiency and the guest satisfaction. At the same time, through wisdom hotel system, effective help analyze the guest's behavior, improve the service quality, enhance the enterprise core competitiveness."Jia hui Xia Binbin ramada hotel general manager said.
China national tourism administration, according to the latest figures, major cities in China hotel rooms intelligent control market more than 100 billion yuan, and hotel number will increase by about 20% a year, the hotel industry into a period of comprehensive reform, wisdom hotel become the important trend of the hotel industry in the future.
China hotel association secretary-general XunLiang wisdom said that in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition, the guests to the hotel service requires a rising tide lifts all boats and homogeneity serious problems, has become the primary problem of hotel managers.Only by the traditional thinking and patterns obviously unrealistic to solve these problems, must use modern means of science and technology innovation, to achieve the hotel management and service of the revolution.