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Cultural fusion, niche focused boutique hotel on the rise

Date: 2014-12-14

Boutique hotel arose in the 1980 s. Early monomer boutique hotel successful operations, making the new type of hotel to get attention. Well-known international hotel brands have launched their own boutique hotel brand, and on a global scale.
At present, the boutique hotel is only occupy a very small share in the hotel market, its growth is very quickly, however, and by the good market and consumer trends, won the favour of many investors and consumers.
The so-called "boutique hotel", there is no complete definition. Some scholars number less than 100 rooms, the room price is higher than the $350, provide high-end services to niche tourist hotel as "boutique hotel". However, the boutique hotel management leading according to Ian, raga has pointed out: "boutique hotel" means only that has a distinctive cultural connotation of the concept of the hotel.
Culture is the soul of the boutique hotel, it is necessary to different cultural connotation of the concept. Therefore, the unique hotel design and highly personalized service become the two major elements of the boutique hotel necessary.
Mixing culture into hotel design
Ideal hotel design, has been not just a simple "design", but the culture, the concept of projected into the space of the planning and construction of architecture, living idea about travel and life forms of design. Boutique hotel design not only to render luxury, style as the goal, it's closer to the human life to think. It requires that the design fully meet the guest's psychological need, when the guest will feel it when you enter the hotel. This need hotel design can reflect regional culture, the same brand hotel in different regions, different cultural background, to adopt different design.
Method YunAn went to hangzhou as an example, the hotel is located in tianzhu, an ancient village side, adjacent to the lingyin temple and yong fu temple in this particular geographical location. Hotel design characteristics, in view of the high-end customer base to retreat here. Designers in the hotel room is the most quiet sleep space of space arrangement, the lights of the whole room is dark, where must use lighting will only use. Almost all of the rooms are not prepared to TV, consciously put the most simple chiming, birds and cicadas nature of all for the guest, to let a guest feel peaceful and quiet sleep environment.
Another Ann went giri hotels in the United States, by the bedroom room look out, ace cortlandt national reserve in the vast desert is just around the corner, after hundreds of millions of years of weathering and amazed by huge stratified rock formation. Is a bit far lake Powell, the famous grand canyon is close at hand. As a result, the layout of the room to see everywhere outdoor landscape as the premise, the guest room workspace using concrete as material, leisure sofa, bed and desk for the integration of design, let a guest no matter when, where, in a can get a good view of the beautiful scenery, enjoy the luxury over top resort desolate desert.
The hotel brand personalized service
Boutique hotel is adopted for the niche market blue ocean strategy, using the differentiation strategy on the basis of the target cluster, select a specific market segment dislocation competition with large hotel group. Therefore, personality service and fine management is the core competitiveness of the boutique hotel. American Bilkey Llinas Design Design company President Robert Bilkey said in an interview with the media, boutique hotel has its own characteristics, and otherwise three four-star hotels.
Robert Bilkey pointed out at the same time, a lot of tourists want to spend a vacation, don't have to be very big, very crowded place, what they need is "dream of the world, with the usual life completely different". "Boutique hotel in the future from this perspective is a very important aspect, in the industry plays an extremely important role."
Boutique hotel's personality, in fact is a way of life and survival value. So select a specific target market and create to guide the market demand of lifestyle is very important. On the basis of the understanding of target market commonality, and dig potential unmet customer lifestyles, on this basis, formed its own personality, guide or enhance the way of life, realize customer introspection in the hotel, establish emotional connection with customers.
At present many high-end hotels has built up his own boutique hotel brand. After many years of business culture, taking shape. Starwood's W hotel, for example, its official position is a "Lifestyle" brand; Marriott's Autograph Collection to renew the historical landmarks, adhering to the pursuit of the concept of history imprinting; Excelle Park Hyatt hotel, all in busy fashionable cities in the world.
Ann went group is the most extreme culture idea. It around the world have 26 boutique hotel, has a prominent bright cultural theme, it is closely combined with local regional culture. Through all-round display and interpretation, to show customers the unique local culture, or cultural characteristics, cause customer interest in a particular cultural theme, simple accommodation experience into a positive culture journey of exploration and discovery, deepen the customer's cultural experience. It has given rise to numerous fans Ann went to the hotel, they are unified, known as "Aman Junkie (Anne went chi)". Ann went to the hotel itself is the loyal customers travel attractions and destination, they agree with the culture and concept of Ann went to the hotel, and become firm suitors.
For major global hotel giants, boutique hotel market is a niche market, but as the big star business hotel market gradually saturated, the market performance of boutique hotel market will also be a mohican.