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Shanghai tourism distribution center staff carefully composed song of dedication

Date: 2014-02-26

As a direct service to the masses, service the basic unit of a line, all staff of Shanghai tourism hub has been adhering to the overall situation pioneer service, service for the purpose of the optimal masses, win the tourist with the service, using service image. In the distribution of joint efforts of center for six consecutive terms in 2013 was named the Shanghai civilization unit; Won the 2012 China tourism public service projects need award, "youth civilization", "learn from lei feng high-quality service team", "excellent collective xuhui district of blood" etc.
Distribution with their heart, harvest the one full of sincere thank-you note. 2013 distribution station staff Gu Huifen, wish neco, Yang Wenji, Ding An, Zhang Sibo, long trade tour driver Zhang Zhaomin, kam frequently driver Shen Guodong, jinjiang business drivers Xu Xie loyalty and distributing person affirmation and praise by tourists. In the work of blood donation in 2013, under the pressure of the job is busy, the body tired, the center staff can sacrifice personal interests, to give love. On the stage of regional public service also can see the distribution figure, road traffic volunteers with them, "LanYan" have their public welfare activities, earthquake donations have their love... In 2014, and distributing people will continue to love relay, help more people, let love site, both inside and outside.